Translation: The House of Many Windows

3:00 - 4:00pm on Saturday, May 14 2011 in Green Land Cafe

This roundtable will consist of translators presenting their work, discussing the process of bridging culture and language, and exploring the challenges of translatability. How are differences of culture, language, gender, and class approached? Are certain elements impossible to translate? What types of strategies and techniques are useful in the attempt to render meaning? Is translation transformative – for both translator and reader? The title of this session refers to Henry James’ quote on fiction, but is easily applied to the art of translation, as well. While the meaning at the core of the structure is inviolate, the perspectives of it, as seen through the different angles of the windows of the structure, are no less valid, or are they?

You must pre-register for this event by adding it to your personal schedule. Extra seats will be given to attendees at the door.